Forward thinking brokers can now offer this emerging segment a differentiated program engineered to resolve typical conflicting needs. This fully-aligned approach simultaneously addresses the client’s need to offer big-organization purchasing power to attract and retain independent medical practices, while preserving customized plan features and administration – all without creating an administrative sink hole.

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This hard-hitting little volume outlines the size of the market opportunity and the market drivers behind its predicted 100% premium growth in the next four years.1 Other sections provide insights on where to find opportunities, key differentiators and selling points, and how to structure a winning plan for MPEs.

Executive Summary

Get the executive overview of this new solution. At the core is an IDI supplement contract specifically designed to fill the gaps in physicians’ disability income protection. Add big organization guarantee-issue features, choice of valuable physician-specific riders, compelling pricing and customized administration, and you’ve got the whole package.

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MGIS Vice President of Sales Kurt Meyer shares insights on how to uncover MPE opportunities, how to overcome inherent challenges, and how to maximize the built-in flexibility and power of IncomeProtect|Multi-Practice in closing MPE cases.


The Affordable Care Act is having a major impact on medical practice consolidation, driving many independent practices to join others in multi-practice group structures. MGIS is predicting 100% premium growth for this segment by 2019.1


Attractive new revenue stream opportunity built on a fully-aligned group chassis

  • Provides a “big organization” program with value that individual member practices may not be able to obtain on their own – from enhanced guarantee-issue eligibility to competitive pricing.
  • Allows plan design and administrative flexibility tailored to both central organization and individual practice needs.
  • Delivers industry-leading IDI supplement and business revenue protection to physician groups.
  • Offers set of features options beyond core product portfolio, including triple/dual option, LTD/STD combo, and choice of valuable physician-specific riders.


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1 Market forecast based on MGIS analysis of the estimated employer-provided LTD, STD and life insurance market from 2014 through 2019. Estimates assume the multi-practice segment grows from 10% to 30% of the combined healthcare employee market and are based on demographic data from LIMRA, the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Medical Association. Premium estimates are based on MGIS proprietary data and industry sources including Medical Economics, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Deloitte and Levin, Kaiser, Physicians Practice and Modern Healthcare.

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