Finally. A group benefit program that provides both attractive “big group” features and “small group” customization and administration flexibility for your members – All in an integrated program that keeps you whole operationally. With a few sweet perks thrown in for good measure.

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Raise the value you provide to medical practice prospects and members with a compelling group benefit package that may not be available to them elsewhere. This fully-aligned approach is engineered to simultaneously balance your needs – compelling features, discounted pricing, low overhead – with your members’ desire for flexibility, customization and high touch service.

Executive Summary

Get the executive overview of this new solution. At the core is an IDI supplement contract specifically designed to fill the gaps in physician’s disability income protection. Add big organization guarantee issue features, choice of valuable physician-specific riders, compelling pricing and customized administration, and you’ve got the whole package.

Meet Doctor & Sponsor Needs

The challenge is finding a program that simultaneously addresses the competing needs of both your own organization and the physicians you seek to serve. Check out our blog post for more information on attracting multi-practice prospects with fully-aligned benefits.

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Our broker partners have deep experience working with emerging medical group structure and adapting the IncomeProtect|Multi-Practice solution to fit unique requirements. If your current broker is unfamiliar with our new program, get us connected so we can help him/her structure the perfect fit for your organization.


High Growth, Strong Incentive Forecast 2X growth in the multi-practice entity (MPE) segment of the healthcare market over the next four years* will likely create increasing competition to attract and retain the best medical practices. A strong benefits package can provide a compelling reason for practices to join your group.


Fully-aligned approach for Organizations and Members

  • Provides a “big organization” program with value that individual member practices could not obtain on their own – from enhanced guarantee-issue eligibility to competitive pricing.
  • Allows plan design and administrative flexibility tailored to both central organization and individual practice needs.
  • Delivers industry-leading IDI supplement and business revenue protection to physician groups.
  • Offers set of feature options beyond core product portfolio, including triple/dual option, LTD/STD combo, and choice of valuable physician-specific riders.


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* Market forecast based on MGIS analysis of the estimated employer-provided LTD, STD and life insurance market from 2014 through 2019.  Estimates assume the multi-practice segment grows from 10% to 30% of the combined healthcare employee market and are based on demographic data from LIMRA, the U.S. Census Bureau and the American Medical Association.  Premium estimates are based on MGIS proprietary data and industry sources including Medical Economics, The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), Deloitte and Levin, Kaiser, Physicians Practice and Modern Healthcare.

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