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. . .especially when it comes to the uncertain world of the Affordable Care Act, state and federal tort reform, and specific legislation such as Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) and Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) surveys. MGIS believes a key role we can play is in giving you the information and insights you need to understand new and emerging areas of risk.

The landscape for medical group practices continues to change. Mergers, acquisitions, and new partnerships bring not only new challenges, but incredible opportunities for physician practices. You know them as Practice Management Organizations (PMOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), Managed Service Organizations (MSOs), Accountable Care Organizations(ACOs), and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), just to name a few. These […]

Are your employees sitting at their desks, with glazed eyes, poised for flight or fight? You don’t think so? Think again, and start making plans to help them cope because a recent survey from Right Management shows two out of three people say the stress at work is high. Another quarter said they experience medium levels of stress at work. Only 11 percent said the stress levels were low.

Successful companies are not necessarily effective or efficient at implementing change. Even companies that are good at making operational changes may not be good at implementing systemic performance improvements. The use of the planning/project management tools that serve them well in product introduction or facility construction are useful but insufficient for this type of implementation. An intelligent solution, effective planning, and rigorous project management do not, by themselves, prepare an organization for change.

With increasing frequency, the media report another security breach that compromises sensitive personal information. Breaches can occur in any sector of society, including health care, and affect millions of people annually. Such breaches occur in a variety of ways, including system hackers; theft/loss of laptops, personal digital assistants and computer disks; or unencrypted information e-mailed to the wrong address. Given the sensitive nature of information held by health care providers and the increasing use of electronic technology, medical practice administrators should take steps to prevent such security incidents. You should also prepare a response plan in the event that such an incident occurs.

Bringing a new physician into a growing practice can be exciting for both the group and the new hire. But even the best professional relationships can come to an end, and clarity at the beginning will serve all parties well, particularly if a departure is accompanied by hard feelings. For that reason, we strongly recommend that all groups make use of written agreements, whether the physician is an employee or an independent contractor.

Front-line recruiters are acutely aware of the factors that make physician recruitment a full-time job, and often a very stressful process. These include internal issues specific to your healthcare organization as well as national conditions such as the growing physician shortage and the tendency of physicians in some specialties to move their practices more often.