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High Percentage Selling Q&A

The crucial importance of ‘IDI Supplement’ positioning in selling group LTD to physicians to achieve 8X closing rates cannot be overestimated. MGIS sales experts Keith Mangrum and Mark Chai explain why.

Author: Kurt Meyer – vice president of sales & operations, Group Benefits

I’ve been involved in selling group insurance products for some time with a number of different carriers, and recently became deeply immersed in physician group LTD products. As I came up to speed, three things immediately jumped out and hit me right between the eyes…

Author: Jeff Brunken, President and CEO, The MGIS Companies

A recent headline regarding an important upcoming vote in California grabbed my attention: “Proposition 46: The Nation’s Eyes on California.” Passage of Prop 46 would raise the caps on non-economic damages in malpractice cases from $250,000 to $1.1M virtually overnight.

It’s always a learning experience when we look at claims and the story and situation behind a malpractice lawsuit. Some, of course, are straightforward. What would surprise most physicians, however, is how many lawsuits are the result of how patients felt about their physicians and their staff, regardless of the quality of care they may have received.