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What Keeps You Up at Night?

Medical providers want to ensure they offer outstanding quality-focused care to patients. But avoiding lawsuits in today’s marketplace can be tough. And the fear of lawsuits often keeps providers up at night. That’s where we come in.

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One of the significant drivers of bariatric surgery-related litigation from the plaintiff’s viewpoint is a lack of information about the risks and benefits of the various possible procedures. Each procedure is different and carries with it unique risks and benefits. Therefore, each procedure should have its own informed consent form describing the surgery in general […]

This month, MGIS introduces two new insurance brands for physicians and dentists: IncomeProtect and PhysicianProtect. For over 40 years, MGIS has innovated insurance products specifically for physicians in protecting their income from disability, and more recently, from law suits. Through four decades of wide-spread change in the healthcare industry, MGIS has remained at the forefront of understanding the unique threats to […]

Changing roles and evolution of healthcare organizations are increasingly putting ancillary healthcare providers on the front lines of risk management and patient satisfaction. An estimated 70-80% of all medical malpractice litigation involves doctor-patient relationship or communication problems. This is why the MGIS Medical Malpractice Program includes the Astute Doctor PREVENT risk management course. The Astute […]

In healthcare, we deal with highly sensitive and very private electronic information, so of course our ears perk up every time we see headlines about the latest cyber threat or breach. The natural question is whether this could happen to us. This is constructive if it leads to cyber risk-prevention. But all too often, folks are responding with, “it could not happen to me,” or “my insurance policy covers this so I’m prepared.” These folks are ignoring the growing cyber threat around all of us. They are whistling past the “cyber” graveyard.

  SALT LAKE CITY—(May 14, 2015) – The MGIS Companies, Inc. (MGIS), a leading provider of insurance products and services designed specifically for physicians, today announced the appointment of insurance industry veteran Daniel Corrado to serve as vice president of operations and underwriting for MGIS’ medical-professional liability (MPL) division. Corrado joins MGIS with more than two […]

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (February 05, 2015) – The MGIS Companies, Inc. (MGIS), a leading provider of insurance products and services designed specifically for physicians, has partnered with Astute Doctor Education Inc. to add a new Cross-Cultural Communication course to the PREVENT risk management education program of CME courses for insured physicians. Founded on evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, the new course can help doctors improve cross-cultural communication skills and avoid related medical malpractice risk when treating patients of culturally diverse backgrounds.

First published in Physician’s Practice | January 04, 2015 | By Jeffrey D. Brunken, CEO The MGIS Companies What do snollygoster, grufeling, hum durgeon, and medical-malpractice insurance crisis have in common? Well, the first three are wonderful Old English words no longer used today.  The last is a phrase that none of us has had to talk […]

Author: Jeff Brunken, President and CEO, The MGIS Companies

A recent headline regarding an important upcoming vote in California grabbed my attention: “Proposition 46: The Nation’s Eyes on California.” Passage of Prop 46 would raise the caps on non-economic damages in malpractice cases from $250,000 to $1.1M virtually overnight.