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With the dramatic growth of multi-practice organizations in recent years, competition is heating up to provide compelling value to attract medical practice prospects. One arrow in the quiver can be an enhanced benefit package for physicians and their groups. Ancillary group benefits – particularly long and short-term disability and group life – can make a valuable and attractive addition to base programs that otherwise leave large coverage gaps for high income earners.

In Quest of the Ideal Program

The challenge is finding a program that simultaneously addresses the competing needs of both your own organization and the physicians you seek to serve. Here’s how it typically breaks down:

Doctor needs

  • IDI (Individual Disability Insurance) supplement to increase overall disability income replacement ratio
    • Amounts sufficient to meet reasonable replacement ratio
    • Obtained without financial or health history underwriting
    • Strong value for the premium
  • Flexible plan options and plan customization
  • High touch, customized administration

Multi-Practice Sponsor Organization Needs

  • Big company type program features and pricing that provide more value than independent physician practices may be able to obtain on their own.
  • Standardized offerings
  • Low administrative overhead

Fully Aligned Solution: MGIS IncomeProtect | Multi-practice

The new MGIS IncomeProtect | Multi-practice solution offers a fully-aligned solution that addresses the needs of both the MPE central organization and its physician group members. Key features include:

  • “Big company” value that individual member practices may not be able to obtain on their own, including expanded guarantee issue limits (medical underwriting is only required for late entrants and amounts in excess of the Guaranteed Issue limit).
  • Plan design and administrative flexibility that remove administrative burden from the central organization while allowing customized tailoring to meet individual practice needs.
  • IDI supplement and business revenue protection. Contract fine-tuned to physicians’ specific needs, including elimination of features detrimental to doctors at claim time.
  • Choice of valuable physician-specific riders

Finding a solution that simultaneously addresses the needs of both the organization and its members is a challenge. MGIS has done the heavy lifting and packaged the essential elements in IncomeProtect | Multi-practice. Contact us today to arrange a discussion with one of our broker experts.

Group insurance policies are underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Wellesley Hills, MA) in all states, except New York, under Policy Form Series 93P-LH, 12- GP-01, and 12-DI-C-01. In New York, group insurance policies are underwritten by Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.) (Windsor, CT) under Policy Form Series 13-GP-LH-01, 13-LTD-C-01-MGIS, 13-STD-C-01-MGIS, 13-ADD-C-01-MGIS, 13-GP-LF-01, 13-LF-C-01-MGIS.
The disability policies provide disability income insurance only. They do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical, or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Insurance Department.
This coverage does not constitute comprehensive health insurance (often referred to as “major medical coverage”) and does not satisfy the requirement for Minimum Essential Coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
Administration for physician products is provided by Medical Group Insurance Services, Inc. (MGIS), in all states, except as follows: in CA by MGIS Insurance Agency, Inc.; in NY by MGIS Insurance Agency. Product offerings may not be available in all states and may vary depending on state laws and regulations.
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