HomePodcastEpisode #10: Supplements, or Must-Haves? Help Doctors Discover the Hidden Value in Benefit Supplements

Back in episode four we talked about “Selling what you don’t have”, but what about helping your physician clients find the hidden value in benefits and riders they may not be aware of?

High Percentage Selling: Emergency Travel Assistance and Retro Disability Benefits®

In this segment, #10 in the 12 part series, Keith Mangrum, Senior Regional Vice President of Sales shares his insights on two often overlooked elements, the Emergency Travel Assistance benefit, and the Retro Disability Rider. Listen to this podcast (or subscribe) to learn why these two benefits are of particular interest to physicians.

Hidden Value: Benefit Supplements Specialized for Physician Groups

In addition to Emergency Travel Assistance, and the Retro Disability rider, MGIS and Sun Life Financial include several other benefits that provide additional value to physician groups. To learn more about these benefits, check out the blog post “Hidden Value: Benefit Supplements for Physician Groups.”

Learn more about these benefits of particular interest to physicians to help your clients find the hidden value in a specialized physician Individual Disability Insurance Supplement program.

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