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Though the last 10 episodes of the High Percentage Selling podcast we shared with you some ideas on ways in which you could change the conversation about Group Disability with your physician clients. In this, the concluding podcast, hosted by MGIS Vice President of Sales,Professional Group Benefits, Kurt Meyer, uses the theme of an Olympic race to review the key differentiators in making your IDI Supplement approach successful with physicians.

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Catch up on what you missed

The entire series is available to listen to online, download, or subscribe via iTunes. Past segments include:

  • the concept of positioning specialized physician group LTD  as a feature-rich IDI Supplement
  • a review of group coverage features that physicians care about, such as definition of duties, part-time work, and Own Specialty/Sub-specialty definitions
  • aspects of commercial LTD contracts that are detrimental to doctors at claim time

I’m confident that by consistently implementing these proven concepts and carefully selecting products that offer true IDI supplement provisions, your clients will be better protected with high quality coverage customized to their specific needs – and that you will close a much higher percentage of your physician group cases. And, you’ll have a lot more fun along the way.

On behalf of MGIS I want to thank you for joining us on this journey in transforming the physician group disability sales race from the Race to Zero to the Race for the Gold.

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