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In this segment of the High Percentage Selling Podcast series, Mark Chai, Regional Vice President of Sales for MGIS is joined by Tanya Martinez, a 14 year veteran on the MGIS Account Management team, to discuss the unique service levels and solutions provided by MGIS to clients of all sizes.

Here are a couple of key highlights that distinguish great account service and help drive the highest retention rates in the industry. Listen to the podcast for the complete list of services.

Licensed Account Managers

The first difference you’ll notice is that with MGIS each group has a dedicated account manager. Unlike a call center, your clients always reach the same licensed insurance professional who knows not just the industry, but understands the contract and the unique needs of each group.

Once the implementation process is complete the group will receive a welcome call from their account manager to introduce themselves and go over the details of their specific contract.

“One of the details we like to make sure we discuss is the earnings definition. This can be a little confusing sometimes, and we find by making sure groups understand this upfront, it makes the claim process go much more smoothly.”

Tanya Martinez, Account Manager, MGIS

Help, Before you need it

After the initial welcome call account managers proactively reach out to groups at least monthly to answer questions and suggest solutions that the group may not even be aware of.

When a group does have a claim, their MGIS account manager will double check to assure it’s complete and to resolve any potential problems upfront – helping prevent slowdowns and reducing frustration during an already stressful time.

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