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Changing roles and evolution of healthcare organizations are increasingly putting ancillary healthcare providers on the front lines of risk management and patient satisfaction. An estimated 70-80% of all medical malpractice litigation involves doctor-patient relationship or communication problems. This is why the MGIS Medical Malpractice Program includes the Astute Doctor PREVENT risk management course. The Astute […]

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (February 05, 2015) – The MGIS Companies, Inc. (MGIS), a leading provider of insurance products and services designed specifically for physicians, has partnered with Astute Doctor Education Inc. to add a new Cross-Cultural Communication course to the PREVENT risk management education program of CME courses for insured physicians. Founded on evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, the new course can help doctors improve cross-cultural communication skills and avoid related medical malpractice risk when treating patients of culturally diverse backgrounds.

Physician Group Long Term Disability (LTD) is a valuable way to protect your employees’ financial well-being and livelihood. Providing a sound LTD plan is a critical part of a comprehensive — and competitive — employee benefits program. But what about the needs of the company’s physician partners or shareholders? Does your LTD policy provide adequate […]

A recent study of key factors in malpractice lawsuits and peer review papers and research by physicians presents an interesting challenge and opportunity. On the one hand, the results further strengthen previous findings: What physicians say to patients – and how they say it – really does matter in whether patients decide to press malpractice charges, and how those cases proceed…