With the dramatic growth of multi-practice organizations in recent years, competition is heating up to provide compelling value to attract medical practice prospects. One arrow in the quiver can be an enhanced benefit package for physicians and their groups. Ancillary group benefits – particularly long and short-term disability and group life – can make a valuable […]

This month, MGIS introduces two new insurance brands for physicians and dentists: IncomeProtect and PhysicianProtect. For over 40 years, MGIS has innovated insurance products specifically for physicians in protecting their income from disability, and more recently, from law suits. Through four decades of wide-spread change in the healthcare industry, MGIS has remained at the forefront of understanding the unique threats to […]

Jeff Brunken discusses how rising healthcare costs can impact medical professional liability risks in this February 2016 issue of Medical Liability Monitor. Recent reports showed that Americans have a high health cost burden relative to their incomes. The impact could be a number of things which can increase a physician’s medical professional liability risk: Consumers […]

Changing roles and evolution of healthcare organizations are increasingly putting ancillary healthcare providers on the front lines of risk management and patient satisfaction. An estimated 70-80% of all medical malpractice litigation involves doctor-patient relationship or communication problems. This is why the MGIS Medical Malpractice Program includes the Astute Doctor PREVENT risk management course. The Astute […]

The majority of new physicians entering practice today still take some form of the original Hippocratic Oath – a body of ethical guidelines originated in the time of Hippocrates that prescribe a physician’s actions and interactions with patients. While not strictly part of that oath, an associated guiding principle widely espoused by doctors is the […]