Doctors are discovering that many group disability insurance policies purportedly “customized for physicians” are actually not so doctor friendly come claim time. Many exclude policy language that would qualify them for coverage they expect, or include provisions that are detrimental to their interests. The rub is that features doctors value most – those gold nuggets that mirror and supplement […]

Keith Mangrum – Senior Regional Vice President of Sales, MGIS Most Physicians are aware of the possibility of becoming disabled sometime during their working life, and many medical professionals purchase individual disability coverage early in their career to help protect themselves and their family.  This IDI coverage may be adequate for a younger doctor; however, […]

Unlike most other workers who retire, physicians need to be concerned about the possibility of a malpractice suit long after they see their last patient. Why? A patient could discover years later that a doctor missed a diagnosis, for example. To ensure malpractice coverage is in place, consider taking these three steps in the months well before discontinuing practice.

From 1999 to 2013, the number of opioid painkillers prescribed and sold in the U.S. nearly quadrupled. As a result of those prescriptions, 16,000 people died in one year — 2013 — the researchers reported. Given these sad facts, physicians are wondering how they can protect themselves from malpractice suits when patients are so desperate for pain relief.

In the crowded field of competition for physician disability coverage, it’s often difficult to identify clear winners. However, when put through the rigors of an Olympic-class comparison, the medalists quickly emerge from the pack. Here’s a quick sprint through the key features and options offered, who makes the podium, and why. Starting Line: IDI The starting point […]