A doctor’s insurance risk manager is concerned that a procedure performed by his client, a cosmetic surgeon, had resulted in a patient’s death at home the day after a procedure. He later discovers that the more likely cause of death was an overdose of the prescribed painkillers. The doctor suspected that his patient had a […]

When presenting group LTD solutions to physician prospects, emptying your sales wagon can often be your best strategy. Many traditional group LTD policies contain standard provisions that actually hurt doctors at claim time. Dumping these and replacing them with a tailored physician group LTD policy can dramatically boost your closing ratio.

Many doctors choose medicine as a career, at least initially, out of a commitment to healthcare and serving others. Hard-working, ambitious people who train for years to push through exhaustion and stress, doctors are not accustomed to letting a physical disability hold them back. Because doctors are virtually the sole source of income for a […]

 The most important question you can ask about your Physician Group LTD policy is this: “Does it protect the income I make in my current specialty/sub-specialty, or merely as a generic physician?” The definition of disability is the key to unlocking the benefits of a specialized Physician Group LTD policy. DEFINING DISABILITY Consider this actual scenario. […]

Author: Bill Lawrence. MGIS Director of Underwriting When you know what to look for, selecting the right partner to work with you and your physician practice clients is easy. Consider the following checklist. Commitment to Physician Practices Staying Power Your carrier partner must be committed to and have a history of success in the physician […]

High Percentage Selling Q&A

The crucial importance of ‘IDI Supplement’ positioning in selling group LTD to physicians to achieve 8X closing rates cannot be overestimated. MGIS sales experts Keith Mangrum and Mark Chai explain why.

High Percentage Selling Q&A MGIS experts Keith Mangrum, Senior Regional Vice President of Sales, and Mark Chai, Regional Vice President of Sales, dig into how to best position and sell supplemental physician group LTD coverage. Q: What is the single most important factor in getting a physician’s interest during the initial conversation about group LTD […]

A practical guide How sales specialists in the physician group LTD market close nearly 70% of cases at high margins — and their commercial group LTD colleagues barely crack 8% while racing toward profitability oblivion. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: START YOUR [SALES] ENGINES In many ways, sales is akin to an auto race: understand the course; […]

Author: Kurt Meyer – vice president of sales & operations, Group Benefits

I’ve been involved in selling group insurance products for some time with a number of different carriers, and recently became deeply immersed in physician group LTD products. As I came up to speed, three things immediately jumped out and hit me right between the eyes…