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It’s What We Do. It’s All We Do.

Your financial security and professional reputation are irreplaceable.

Our relentless focus on the unique specialty-specific insurance needs of medical professionals has set the benchmark standard of coverage, financial protection, and service since we pioneered these insurance solutions more than 45 years ago.

Protecting the irreplaceable one claim at a time.

Your financial security is irreplaceable. Disability should never threaten that. That’s where we come in.

With MGIS the most experienced team of specialists, most reliable products and strongest financial partners in the business back your years of training and specialization.

Did you know 74% of all disability policies were never designed for medical professionals?

Find out how your peers are getting out of policies never meant for them and into coverage that fits their specialty and lifestyle perfectly—and affordably.


Our philosophy is pretty simple: one of the worst things that can happen to a doctor is:

  1. Being unable to practice due to illness or disability

We insure the best doctors with the best products at the best price to guard against that threat. Over the past 45 years, we’ve been there for nearly one million of your colleagues and their groups with A-rated financial strength, expert service and experience-proven advice.

Let us make “world-class” simple for you.

Better Coverage No Matter What

Disability plays no favorites. Luckily, insurance coverage does.

According to statistics from the Council for Disability Awareness, a typical male who leads a healthy lifestyle has a 21% chance of becoming disabled for three months or longer during his working career. For females, the rate is 24%.

Unfortunately, physicians aren’t exempt from those probabilities.

The good news: the coverage through MGIS is fine-tuned and customized to the unique needs of medical professionals. This vastly improves your odds of financial and professional security in the event it is required.

No need to play the odds. Just the finest protection at highly competitive rates.


Group Long-term Disability coverage from MGIS/Sun Life

Here are four reasons why an investment in MGIS/Sun Life LTD coverage can preserve more income for you in the long run:

  1. Specialty-Specific Coverage—benefits based on your specific CPT billings codes instead of generic assumptions about what you do.
  2. Stackability—stack group coverage on top of your individual disability policy without offset, at a fraction of the cost, and often without any medical questions asked.
  3. Business Protection—an optional rider that pays your practice a benefit (up to $180,000) while an owner/key employee is out on disability.
  4. Pension Contribution—an optional rider that will continue to fund your qualified plan while you’re disabled.
Policies underwritten by the insurance issuing companies of Sun Life Financial

Customized Coverage

Disability happens. So definitions matter. Like the definition of Own Specialty/Sub-Specialty in the MGIS/Sun Life policy. When a physician is seriously ill or injured, their plan’s definition of disability really matters.

Many plans use a very broad definition, called Own Occupation, which means a disability claim can be denied if a physician can perform general duties, even if they can’t perform their specialty.

We don’t agree with that. The MGIS/Sun Life policy uses an own-specialty/sub-specialty definition, based on your actual CPT codes, to determine material and substantial duties. So if you are a specialist, your claim will be analyzed based on what you actually can or can’t do in that specialty, not some broad definition of the average doctor.

Stack It On

Stack on coverage to reduce the protection gap. Despite what many others may tell you, you CAN reduce the “protection gap” between your income and your individual disability coverage. All you need to do is stack specialized group disability coverage from MGIS/Sun Life right on top of any individual disability plan with no offset or coordination of benefits.

And you will be happy to know that this coverage is “guaranteed issue,” thus eliminating the need for medical questions or examinations.

Best of all, it can be highly affordable. The cost for up to $10,000 in monthly coverage averages $250 per month, depending on your specialty and demographics.

Protect the Key People in Your Practice

Protecting key people protects your business. Your business partner may fall ill or incur an accident. It could happen. And it does. When an owner or key employee becomes disabled, the business can experience a loss of revenue or incur extra expenses, such as the cost of hiring a replacement. It also may need to redistribute overhead expenses to other owners. The Business Protection Benefit (BPB) is an easy and economical way to help keep your business running. The Business Protection benefit:

  • Pays an additional benefit to the practice when a key employee becomes disabled.
  • Is paid directly to the practice and is not impacted by any other income benefits.
  • Allows the practice to spend this money as appropriate without having to provide proof of expenses incurred.

Here’s how it works If an owner or key employee is considered totally or partially disabled, the BPB pays an additional monthly benefit directly to the practice. Group policyholders can customize their Business Protection Benefit by choosing:

  • BPB percentage—10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% or even 60% of the employee’s indexed total monthly earnings
  • Monthly BPB maximum—$2,500, $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000
  • Benefit duration—12 or 24 months

The benefit is calculated in one of two ways #1) Total Disability Monthly Business Protection Benefit If an owner or key employee is considered totally disabled, the BPB is calculated by taking the lesser of:

  • The employee’s indexed total monthly earnings multiplied by the BPB percentage, or
  • The monthly BPB maximum, or
  • The employee’s monthly LTD benefit maximum.

#2) Residual Disability Monthly Business Protection Benefit If an owner or key employee is partially disabled, the BPB is calculated as follows: (A divided by B) x C = the monthly payable BPB

  • A is the indexed total monthly earnings minus the disability earnings
  • B is the indexed total monthly earnings
  • C is the BPB payable for total disability benefit

Contribute to Your Pension

The Pension Contribution rider protects employees’ retirement income by continuing all or a portion of the contributions to the retirement plan while disabled. These contributions can be put toward a qualified defined contribution plan or other type of plan approved by Sun Life Financial.

Need an example? A group plan covers both a physician’s contribution and the employer’s contributions. A physician earning $30,000 a month was making a $3,000 pre-tax contribution to a defined contribution plan and was eligible for a 15% pension benefit under his Long-Term Disability plan before becoming totally disabled under the contract provisions. After receiving his total disability benefit, Sun Life would replace up to the lesser of:

  • The pension percentage (15% of $30,000 = $4,500),
  • The employee’s actual contribution ($3,000), or
  • $4,000 per month.

The amount payable under the pension benefit for this individual is $3,000. It is paid in addition to the basic Long-Term Disability payment.

Get a Complimentary Analysis

Been a while since you reviewed your group disability contract? We can help. We’ll go over your contract with you to ensure that you have the coverage that helps you bridge the protection gap (the difference between your current income and your individual coverage).

Please enter your contact information. The Physician Group Disability experts at MGIS will review your current policy, identify critical gaps in coverage and recommend custom solutions. No group LTD plan? All the more reason to enter your contact information in the form on the left of this page.


Group life and disability insurance policies are underwritten by Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Wellesley Hills, MA) in all states, except New York, under Policy Form Series 93P-LH, 98P-ADD, 01C-LH-PT, 12-GP-01, and 12-DI-C-01. In New York, group life and disability insurance policies are underwritten by Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.) (Windsor, CT) under Policy Form Series 13-GP-LH-01, 13-LTD-C-01-MGIS, 13-STD-C-01-MGIS, 13-STD-C-01-MGIS, 13-LF-C-01-MGIS. The disability policies provide disability income insurance only. They do NOT provide basic hospital, basic medical, or major medical insurance as defined by the New York State Insurance Department.

Administration for physician products is provided by Medical Group Insurance Services, Inc. (MGIS), in all states, except as follows: in CA by MGIS Insurance Agency, Inc; in NY by MGIS Insurance Agency; in NC by Insurance Administration, Inc., d/b/a MGIS NC. Product offerings may not be available in all states and may vary depending on state laws and regulations.

Pioneers in specialty coverage.

Back in the day—1969 to be exact—our company was founded with a single purpose: to offer physicians more than a me-too, cookie-cutter insurance contract. We recognized the importance of specialized coverage that provides superior protection for the general specialty or subspecialty in which a physician is practicing.

Times have changed. But our focus for more than 45 years remains the same. We’ve been the leader in delivering premier insurance protection and the innovative service physicians and other medical professionals expect.

We have listened to our physician group policyholders in designing tailored service standards and innovative features over the years.

Specialized Benefits & Underwriting

The devil is in the details. Physicians deserve and expect broad coverage, superior contractual benefits, and competitive pricing. We understand. Our physician-focused underwriting allows us to offer premier products that fit physicians’ unique needs. This is reflected in every component of our insurance programs.

Specialized Service

MGIS provides white glove service by industry experts. Our specialized team is knowledgeable, experienced, and most of all, committed to protecting you and everything you’ve earned. We believe each customer is unique and deserves our individual attention. You can expect frequent communication as our highly specialized staff works to provide the needed support through times of loss.

More Power

We specialize in group disability coverage for physician groups. That’s all we do. With MGIS, you’re backed by the company that pioneered specialized insurance for the physician marketplace. More importantly, you can be confident at claims time that you and your most valuable assets will be protected. That’s real power.